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The September 2012 Floods.
Click here for photos of the flood.

GOOD NEWS - It is hoped that there will be a scheme to prevent any more flooding of the culvert starting in the autumn of 2014!  Preparations for the project continue - recent roadworks were part of this process!

Do you feel threatened by the potential risk of having your house flooded?  Would you like a FREE assesment of risk from Shropshire Council?  If so click here for details.

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Next meeting: 9th March 2015   Members of the village are always welcome. 
Agenda and minutes are posted in the two Parish Council Noticeboards (by the Message Tree and the Village Hall). They will in future be available through the village website via the Parish Council page (see left)

The next Hadnall & Astley News is being distributed now.

Police Appeal Following Burglary, Hadnall

West Mercia police is appealing to the public for information following a burglary at an address in Hadnall, Shrewsbury.
The burglary took place between 1am and 6am on Friday 23rd January on Ladymass Road, Hadnall. Entry to the garage of the property was gained by force, causing substantial damage and two motor cross bikes were stolen.
The first bike is a KTM motorcross, orange in colour and made in 2012.
There are stickers on the side, front and side panels of the bike displaying the number 64.
The second is a Kawasaki motor cross, green in colour and has stickers on the front and side panels displaying the number 891.
Both bikes are valued between £3,000- £3,500 and are used to compete in races.

Investigating officer Emma Crowther said, "Anyone that was in the area of Hadnall and may have witnessed anything suspicious is urged to make contact with us as soon as possible. If anyone has seen these bikes for sale anywhere or knows of there whereabouts please call the Crime Bureau, Shrewsbury on 101 ext 2208 quoting the reference number 42 of 23rd January.”

Telephone Scam Alert 

Below message has been sent to you at the  request of Stephen Hornberger,  Treasurer of Worcester City Neighbourhood Watch Association whom has received a number of telephone 'scam calls' personally. 
Male states he is from Windows (Computers) and that my computer/internet has been hacked. This is not the first call in the last week. I have had about 6 in just over a week. I haven’t been hacked. I put the telephone down and rang Action Fraud. Action Fraud says it’s a very big SCAM they are looking into.  
Action Fraud explained how the scam works. The person rings you up stating you have been hacked. Gets you to give them remote internet access to your computer and then they are on your computer. They then do stuff to your laptop and for you to have use of your computer again will ask you for pay £??? amount or they could put software on your computer so when you log into something like internet banking they will get your details.
If you receive this sort of telephone call, put the telephone down, leave for several minutes to make sure the line has cleared and report it to ACTION FRAUD on 0300 1232040 www.actionfraud.police.uk
Be Careful, if in doubt put telephone down, ring 1471 for the telephone number (It’s not a UK number the SCAMS call from) and REPORT to ACTION FRAUD on 0300 1232040 www.actionfraud.police.uk
Stay Safe!
Stephen Hornberger
Treasurer of Worcester City Neighbourhood Watch Association

From the Police:

Subject: Avoid falling victim of being an online auction seller or administrator

This is a message sent via The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales). This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)

 Fraudsters are targeting people to list items on their behalf on popular online auction sites. The scam involves a job offer to sell desirable items at below market value and receive money from any potential buyers. The ‘work from home’ job will usually require retaining 10% of the money received as a “salary” and fraudsters will ask that the remaining funds are sent to them via bank transfer or money transfer.

In these cases the proposed items being sold do not exist and are therefore not dispatched to the proposed buyers. This will usually result in the buyer making a complaint concerning the individual who has listed the items. This can result in your bank account being closed by the bank for suspected fraud or money laundering and being held accountable for reimbursing the potential buyers.

Protect yourself:
•Do not list items on online auction sites on behalf of others you do not know or trust.
•Be vigilant of ‘work from home’ jobs which involve passing funds through your bank account.
•Meet face to face with any potential employer
•Question job offers which seem “too good to be true”.

If you believe you have become the victim of a fraud or cyber crime, or have received a suspicious email, find out how to report it click on the following link: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

Clive Medical Practice Prescription Run:  If you help with this valuable service, can you call in the Village Stores to see if there are any boxes that need to be returned the the doctor's before you go up to Clive.  Many thanks.

Hadnall Events Diary
by Beth Prinz

Regular events in the Village Hall
Zumba Classes Wednesday 6.15 - 7.15 pm

Yoga on Thursday evenings  6.45 - 8pm
Exercise Class Wednesday am
Healthy Walking - Tuesdays 10.30 in VH C/P
Friday Painters am

4.   Wed. Club meeting 2.30 for Social Afternoon   
       V Hall Committee meeting 7.30
9. Women's Club. "Portrait of Shrewsbury" Stan Stedman
        8 pm
10. Ramblers Dinner @ The Bothy. 7 pm     
       W.I Work of the Red Cross (Eleanor Mason). 7.30
11. Sew & Sew 1.30 pm Hall Drive
18. Pub Lunch @ Astley. 12.30
19. Coffee morning @ The Vicarage 10.30 - 12 noon
       Crafts eve.@ Wood Cottage 7.30
21. RUMMAGE SALE in aid of Village Hall 11 am
22. Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 10 am promptly
25. History Group 7.45
4.   Wed. Club AGM. 2.30
       VH Committee
9.   Women's Club AGM & Quiz. 8 pm
       Hadnall Parish Council Meeting 7.30pm
10. W.I. "Kitchen Memorabilia". 7.30
17. Ramblers AGM18. Pub Lunch
19. Coffee morn. In Pool Drive 10.30 - 12 noon
       Craft eve. @ Wood Cottage 7.30
21. “Irish Night” in aid of Village Hall
25. History Group 7.45
29. Ramblers leave VHCPk promptly @ 10am

Future Dates
7 June 2015 Village Fete
14 June 2015 Cosford Airshow

Mobile library Times in Hadnall  - Mondays
Painsbrook: 9.20am - 9.30am   
Willow Court: 9.35am - 9.55am
Chapel Road: 10.00am - 10.30am
Astley Lane: 10.35am - 11.15am
On the following Mondays:-

Re-cycling Centre at Battlefield
Open every week day 8.30am - 5pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays 9.00am - 5.00pm
Except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Da

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