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May 20th 2015

Last Updated
1st April 2015

The September 2012 Floods.
Click here for photos of the flood.

GOOD NEWS - It is hoped that there will be a scheme to prevent any more flooding of the culvert starting in April 2015!  Preparations for the project continue - recent roadworks were part of this process!

Do you feel threatened by the potential risk of having your house flooded?  Would you like a FREE assesment of risk from Shropshire Council?  If so click here for details.

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Next meeting: 11th May 2015   Members of the village are always welcome. 
Near to the meeting time, agenda and minutes are posted in the two Parish Council Noticeboards (by the Message Tree and the Village Hall). They are then available through the village website via the Parish Council page (see left). Those of Hadnall Parish are reminded that they are always invited to attend any Parish Council meeting.

Superfast Broadband - As expected the hub by the New Inn has gone live and so customers can now sign up for the new service.  A new hub is needed for your household internet and should be delivered to you a few days after you sign up for the BT service.  Connection takes a few more days once you have installed the new hub in your house.  I will report shortly once our service has been connected.

The April-May edition of the Hadnall & Astley News has been delivered.  Copies still available in the Shop or for new subscribers by ringing 873.

Vacancy for Parish Councillor
Due to the resignation of Andrew Howard-Carter, a vacancy arises for a new councillor.  Anyone interested in this important role, should first look at the the Parish Council pages on this site and then contact either the Chair or the Clerk.

The New Crossing  There have been more incidents on the crossing.  Thety were more examples of bad driving which fortunately only resuted in a fright for those concerned.  The Police have been notified of both recent incidents and they are looking at the crossing from their point of view  It has to be said that many people do have good experiences in crossing - it is the bad ones that we remember!!  The following is some official advice which is worth reading but the one thing to remember is :-  TRUST NO-ONE WHEN USING THE CROSSING!!!
Rules for pedestrians (1 to 35)

Show all parts of this guide

  1. 1. General guidance (1 to 6)
  2. 2. Crossing the road (7 to 17)
  1. 3. Crossings (18 to 30)
  2. 4. Situations needing extra care (31 to 35)

3. Crossings (18 to 30)

18 At all crossings. When using any type of crossing you should

  • always check that the traffic has stopped before you start to cross or push a pram onto a crossing.
The local Police are aware of the incidents and will keep an eye on the situation.  They may be able to exert some pressure to get Highways to complete the work which has been agreed already.

The Friends Of Hadnall School - this article got left out of the next News, so is put here instead

The Friends have been busy spending the money we raised at our Christmas events on our outdoor areas. We commissioned a local chainsaw sculptor to carve 2 story tellers chairs incorporating ideas from the children. The wagtail bird which is our school emblem appears on both chairs. We have also bought 12 waterproof bean bags for the children to sit on outside together with 3 storage benches for them to be stored in. We have also bought some chalkboards in the shape of daisies and trees which will be attached to the fences around school. We will be asking the children to plant some flower seeds in old wellies and bring them into school after Easter, which we hope will brighten up the areas by these new story tellers chairs.

Hadnall's Community Led Plan Working party will have its first meeting shortly.  There is still time to join the group.  This is a major committment to update the existing Parish Plan - chiefly as a result of all the recent changes to development policy.  An aspect of which Hadnall has been fairly heavily hit.  In order to put Hadnall in a strong position over any future proposed developments, the Community Led Plan has a number of "hoops" to jump through.  This is everyone' s opportunity to be in at the ground level in the formation of the plan - be you resident or a business person in the village.  There will have to be a consultation process at some point in the process, so we will all have a say on the final outcome.  Once that is complete, the Plan will then be put up for adoption by the Parish Council.

Police Warning - please report this to local residents you know will not see this:-
Between 9-9.30am Tues 17 March, two males in high visibility yellow jackets and using a white van called at a house in Mount Pleasant Roadclaiming to be from Severn Trent. They said a drainage fault had been reported and that they needed to check drains. The householder checked with Severn Trent and was told that they had no employees in the area at the time and advised contacting the police. The callers were refused entry to the property. They returned to their van and left, apparently in a hurry. Local police were alerted and a report sent to Neighbourhood Watch members via Dotmailer. (If you have any information relevant to this incident to report, please contact 101 and quote Ois incident reference number 0141s 170315)

Advance Notice:-

ROAD CLOSURE: Plex Road, Hadnall

Date and duration: 28th May 2015 for 1 day

Purpose: Work on overhead power lines

Utility: Scottish Power

Hadnall Events Diary
by Beth Prinz

Regular events in the Village Hall
Zumba Classes Wednesday 6.15 - 7.15 pm

Yoga on Thursday evenings  6.45 - 8pm
Exercise Class Wednesday am
Healthy Walking - Tuesdays 10.30 in VH C/P
Friday Painters am

April. 1.  Wednesday Club 2.30
                Village Hall Committee meet 7.30
          7.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
          8.    Sew & Sew 1.30 Hall Drive
        13.    Women's Club 8 pm "Family Tree"
        14.    Proposed Mystery Trip leaves VHCPk 11 am
                  W.I. Stained Glass with Jane Gray.  7.30
        16    Coffee morning- Zara & David  10.30 - 12 noon. 
                  Hadnall Church AGM
                  Crafts eve. @ Wood Cottage 7.30
        17.    Talk on "3 Generations" by Margaret Thrower in aid of Lingen Davies
                      Cancer Appeal @ 7 for 7.30 in Village Hall.  Tickets 7.50 (210640)
        21.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
        22.    Pub Lunch @ New Inn 12.30
        29.    History Group 7.45 pm

  May.  5.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
            6.    Wednesday Club 2.30
                    Village Hall Committee meet 7.30
          11.    Women's Club visit a Garden Centre
                    Hadnall PC AGM 7.30pm Village Hall
          12.    W.I.  "A lady at sea"- talk by Sharia Greenwood 7.30
          13.    Sew & Sew 1.30  Hall Drive
          19.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
          20.    Pub Lunch @ Harlescott 12 for 12.30
          21.    Coffee morn. with Christine & Anna 10.30 - 12 noon
                      Crafts eve @ Wood Cottage 7.30
          27.    History Group 7.45

 June.  2.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
            3.    Wednesday Club meet 2.30
            7.    HADNALL VILLAGE FETE
Cosford Airshow

Mobile library Times in Hadnall  - Mondays
Painsbrook: 9.20am - 9.30am   
Willow Court: 9.35am - 9.55am
Chapel Road: 10.00am - 10.30am
Astley Lane: 10.35am - 11.15am
On the following Mondays (usually fortnightly):-

Re-cycling Centre at Battlefield
Open every week day 8.30am - 5pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays 9.00am - 5.00pm
Except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Da

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