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Next magazine deadline:-
May 20th 2015

Last Updated
18th April 2015

The September 2012 Floods.
Click here for photos of the flood.

GOOD NEWS - It is hoped that there will be a scheme to prevent any more flooding of the culvert starting in April 2015?? Preparations for the project continue - recent roadworks were part of this process!

Do you feel threatened by the potential risk of having your house flooded?  Would you like a FREE assesment of risk from Shropshire Council?  If so click here for details.

Next meeting: 11th May 2015   Members of the village are always welcome. 
Near to the meeting time, agenda and minutes are posted in the two Parish Council Noticeboards (by the Message Tree and the Village Hall). They are then available through the village website via the Parish Council page (see left). Those of Hadnall Parish are reminded that they are always invited to attend any Parish Council meeting.

My roving reporter, David, reports that Haston Lane is being mended.  This is good news for those who like to walk down there.  Picture soon!

Superfast Broadband - As expected, the cabinet by the New Inn has gone live and so customers can now sign up for the new service with BT.  A new hub is needed for your household internet and should be delivered to you a few days after you sign up for the BT service.  Connection takes a few more days once you have installed the new hub in your house. Installing the new hub worked first time - took about 15mins to swap hubs.  After a silly installer error by me, the BT engineer sorted it in 2mins and now my speeds are 37.9mb download and 8.98mb upload at 500m from the cabinet - impressive!!!

The next Hadnall CLP Group meeting will meet on April 23rd (Thursday) at 8pm in the Village Hall.

The April-May edition of the Hadnall & Astley News has been delivered.  Copies still available in the Shop or for new subscribers by ringing 873.

Vacancy for Parish Councillor
Due to the resignation of Andrew Howard-Carter, a vacancy STILL arises for a new councillor.  Anyone interested in this important role, should first look at the the Parish Council pages on this site and then contact either the Chair or the Clerk.

Advance Notice:-

ROAD CLOSURE: Plex Road, Hadnall

Date and duration: 28th May 2015 for 1 day

Purpose: Work on overhead power lines

Utility: Scottish Power

Hadnall Events Diary
by Beth Prinz

Regular events in the Village Hall
Zumba Classes Wednesday 6.15 - 7.15 pm

Yoga on Thursday evenings  6.45 - 8pm
Exercise Class Wednesday am
Healthy Walking - Tuesdays 10.30 in VH C/P
Friday Painters am

        21.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
        22.    Pub Lunch @ New Inn 12.30
        23.    Hadnall CLP Meeting 8pm
        29.    History Group 7.45 pm "Shrewsbury Shops 3"

  May.  5.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
            6.    Wednesday Club 2.30
                    Village Hall Committee meet 7.30
          11.    Women's Club visit a Garden Centre
                    Hadnall PC AGM 7.30pm Village Hall
          12.    W.I.  "A lady at sea"- talk by Sharia Greenwood 7.30
          13.    Sew & Sew 1.30  Hall Drive
          19.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
          20.    Pub Lunch @ Harlescott 12 for 12.30
          21.    Coffee morn. with Christine & Anna 10.30 - 12 noon
                      Crafts eve @ Wood Cottage 7.30
          27.    History Group 7.45 "Ditherington Mill"

 June.  2.    Ramblers leave VHCPk @ 6 pm
            3.    Wednesday Club meet 2.30
            7.    HADNALL VILLAGE FETE
Cosford Airshow

Mobile library Times in Hadnall  - Mondays
Painsbrook: 9.20am - 9.30am   
Willow Court: 9.35am - 9.55am
Chapel Road: 10.00am - 10.30am
Astley Lane: 10.35am - 11.15am
On the following Mondays (usually fortnightly):-

Re-cycling Centre at Battlefield
Open every week day 8.30am - 5pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays 9.00am - 5.00pm
Except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Da

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